• Jamie

Wish You Were Here

Updated: a day ago

I try to choose my battles

But this battle chose me

Played my cards the way they said

But now I’m folding

Tried so hard to save you but

My love wasn’t enough

To keep you here

I wish you were…here…


And I’ve never heard your voice

But I hear it now screaming

Through the cold December evening

And I never felt your touch

But I feel it when I’m breathing

On this cold December evening

You’re here with me

Here with me

I followed all the guidelines but they

Lead me off the edge

Felt a stroke of panic but

Wasn’t sure what it meant

Prayed so hard to cure you but

Praying wasn’t enough

To keep you here

I wish you were…here


No congratulations will be sent

February won't be spent

Waiting for you to arrive

No communication will be said

October became the death

Of the best thing in my life


I wish you were here...with me

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