Hi! I'm Jamie, a strong individual who has
no idea what she is doing.

I would like to thank whatever strange or ambivalent link led you to this site. All my life (well in the past two years since I decided I wanted to do this blog thing off and on), I could not determine how to combine everything I love into one website. My favorite things don't really go together. Fashion, fitness, freedom (recovery really, but I like the alliteration, it makes it look like I'm not new at this). It's a tough balance, throwing fashion in with fitness, and then adding freedom from addiction and an eating disorder.

Ultimately, I want one person to read something on this website and feel empowered to stop starving themselves, stop binging, stop cutting, drinking, taking pills, whatever it is that they can't seem to escape from.

I want one person to read this blog and start living.

And also maybe find a some cute outfit or workout ideas....

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